News & Events

MONTIMAGE at European Cyber Week 2023

SANCUS 11th plenary meeting

SANCUS Audit and Certification programme

CYRENE Standardisation Workshop

SANCUS at EUCNC & 6G Summit 2023

SANCUS 10th plenary meeting

The 3rd International Workshop on Safety and Security Testing and Monitoring (STAM 2023)

SANCUS project 9th Plenary meeting

The SANCUS project was featured at the Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress!

SANCUS’s 8th plenary meeting

SANCUS Project presented at the ARES conference 2022

White Paper: Automotive and 5G Network Threats

The SANCUS project at the 1st Open Annual Workshop on Future ICT

SANCUS 7th Plenary meeting

The 33rd IFIP International Conference on Testing Software and Systems 2021

SANCUS partners presented the SANCUS work during the ARES Conference

SANCUS project 6th Plenary Meeting held

SANCUS was presented and represented by MONTIMAGE

Future Proofing and Certifying Supply Chains clustering workshop

SANCUS project 5th Plenary Meeting held