MONTIMAGE at European Cyber Week 2023

The European Cyber Week 2023 took place from November 21st to 23rd, 2023, in Rennes, France. During the event, SANCUS’s partner MONTIMAGE, organised a booth and presented the SANCUS project.

The European Cyber Week serves as a platform that brings together an exceptional French and European community, characterised by diversity and distinguished speakers. This event facilitates interactions among key players in the sovereign sector and fosters valuable exchanges between providers and users of cybersecurity solutions.

Renowned for its significance in strategic thinking, research, and operational implementation, the European Cyber Week also provides a friendly networking environment for all participants. The agenda spans topics with a European scope throughout the entire event, with a special emphasis on Wednesday. During this day, esteemed speakers from EU institutions, industry representatives, and regional authorities will delve into discussions about the current state and future prospects of collaboration, as well as the emerging framework for European cybersecurity policy.