CYRENE Standardisation Workshop

On the 16th of June 2023, the EU H2020 project CYRENE organised its standardisation Workshop. The SANCUS project was represented in the Workshop by Wissam Mallouli (MONITMAGE), who presented the standardisation activities of the SANCUS project.

The EU funded project CYRENE aims at certifying the security and resilience of ICT supported supply chain services towards the objectives set forth by the European Cybersecurity Act. This white paper presents the objectives and approach of CYRENE with the intention to serve as a basis for interaction between the project and selected standardisation bodies. The paper focuses on project results that may be amenable to some form of standardization or otherwise leveraged by standardization bodies with the intention to trigger fruitful discussions with such bodies. It also includes a summary of the standards relevant to the project and discusses how the project takes them as input to its work and builds upon them.