Project Concept

SANCUS aims to integrate contemporary technologies for automated security validation and verification, dynamic risk assessment, AI/ML processing, security emulation and testing, with unique optimisation modelling under latest containerised 5G system network platform, in order to answer challenges that come with:

Managing cyber security across massively virtualised and distributed heterogeneous ICT networks

Measuring system performance with regards to cyber security, digital privacy and QoS reliability

Enhancing control and trust of the end‐user devices, applications and digital services

Improving audit, certification and standardisation of cyber security and digital privacy

Ensuring the accountability of the cyber security and digital privacy levels in the 5G system supply chain

To do so, the project will build a number of new engines and mechanisms to setup a safe, multi‐sectoral setting for gaining hands‐on cyber skills and a secure environment for product development and security posture assessing. The conceptual approach of interrelating of such engines is illustrated in the figure below. All engines will be prepared and elaborated by means of VMs, which enables to integrate these engines simultaneously on the same platform and (i) facilitate their joint testing, (ii) formulate their instruction sets flexibly and on‐demand, (iii) maintain them easily, and (iv) sharing them to other research groups.

The SANCUS scheme suite