The consortium consists of a critical mass of industrial Partners, vendors, academics, and SMEs, that aim to be leaders in the space of automated validation and verification of cybersecurity and privacy. The Partners were carefully selected to provide such complementary skills and competencies, which cover all project objectives and activities, starting from the generation of ideas, to analysis of requirements, to specification and design, implementation, system integration, up to demonstration, validation and beyond. Next, we describe the composition of the consortium with respect to expertise, geographical balance, technical and business complementarities.

The SANCUS consortium Partners excel in different scientific and technological areas and it is expected that the proposed SANCUS framework will successfully integrate the state of the art in the different disciplines. Furthermore, all Partners of the consortium are experts in their respective fields of activity, and they have already participated in numerous European and national projects where they have further deepened their competence with respect to the integration of solutions from their field into complex practical contexts.

Project Management Board